The Best Teeth Whitening Products In Australia

Are you determined to get a whiter set of teeth? At SmilePro we sell some of the best teeth whitening products in Australia which will deliver better results than you expect.

When you purchase one of our whitening kits and apply the teeth whitening gel as instructed, our unique and effective formula gets to work. Within just a handful of applications, the gel will have dealt with the discolouration, and you’ll be able to enjoy having teeth that are up to 8 shades brighter.

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The Best Australian Teeth Whitening Products

To make your experience as simple as possible, we’ve combined all of the essential teeth whitening products into kits. Our Advanced Teeth Whitening Pack comes with an added whitening pen, but aside from that, all kits will give you:

  • SmilePro Teeth Whitening Gel (our uniquely developed formula)
  • Mouth tray
  • SmilePro Accelerator Teeth Whitening Light
  • White shade guide
  • Clear instructions on how to use your kit
  • Travel box

If you decide that you want to maintain your pearly whites after you’ve used the whitening gel, the advanced teeth whitening kit is preferable. With the teeth whitening pen, you can polish up your teeth when you’re on-the-go, or if you notice subtle discolouration.

Perhaps your partner wants to whiten their teeth with you – if so, our best friend pack will give you enough supplies for two people to use!

 Other Teeth Whitening Products We Provide 

Discolouration can come back if you don’t actively focus on oral hygiene, but if this happens, you don’t have to shell out for another kit. Instead, you can top up your kit with the following teeth whitening products:

  • Whitening Gel Pack (enough gel for 9 applications)
  • SmilePro Whitening Pen

Take care of your teeth, and you might find that the whitening pen is enough to maintain your newfound smile! On the other hand, if the discolouration returns a few months down the line, grab yourself a gel pack and start the process from the beginning.

Why Choose Us When Buying Teeth Whitening Products Online

So, why should you buy from us instead of seeking expensive treatment elsewhere?

  • Fantastic and noticeable improvements after all gel applications have been used from your kit
  • Affordable teeth whitening kits (no need to spend a pile of hard-earned cash on less effective treatments)
  • Instructions are provided with every kit, making every application as simple as possible
  • Our home teeth whitening kits enable you to be productive around the house while the teeth whitening gel and accelerator light get to work for 10-30 minutes
  • We deliver all over Australia and internationally!
  • If you use one of our teeth whitening products and don’t see a noticeable improvement, you’ll get your money back

Discolouration can be frustrating, and some stains can be stubborn to remove. However, after just a short amount of time using a SmilePro kit, you’ll see those stains starting to fade away.

What You Need To Know Before Using Teeth Whitening Products

Before you buy any teeth whitening products online, it is important that you do your research and know the facts about teeth whitening products before ordering. At SmilePro Worldwide, we provide a wealth of information about our products here on our website, and you can find out even more by visiting our FAQs page. Below, we are taking you through just a few of the things that you need to know before investing in our products.

The Facts About Teeth Whitening Products

An important fact that you need to know about teeth whitening is that it is completely safe as long as you are using the best teeth whitening products such as the range we sell here at SmilePro Worldwide. Our DIY teeth whitening kits meet Australian regulations and standards, so you can be safe in the knowledge when using our products that they pose absolutely no risk to your health. In fact, our teeth whitening products are even used by dentists across the globe and are both safe and effective.

Teeth whitening will not be suitable for 100% of people, but the percentage is pretty close! It will work for most people very well, and they will see a huge improvement in the colour of their teeth. If you have had bridges, crowns, cosmetic bonds or porcelain veneers, then our products will not be for you as they do not work on teeth that have had any of this. It is also important to remember that while teeth whitening is great for most people to use, it does cause some temporary sensitivity for some people; however, this should go away quite quickly.

Before having their teeth whitened, many people want to know how long they can expect the results to last. There is no definitive answer to this question as this really is up to you and how well you look after your teeth after they have been whitened. It can last for as long as three years without any touching up, but again, if you eat or drink a lot of things that cause staining or you smoke, then the results will not last as long.

A common misconception about teeth whitening is that it badly affects your enamel. However, this is not the case! You will only be removing surface stains with our teeth whitening products, and so it will not reach the enamel of your teeth. There is no need to worry at all when using our product which is the best teeth whitening product in Australia.

Contact Us To Buy Teeth Whitening Products Online

If you are still unsure about how safe our whitening teeth products are and want to know more about them before purchasing, contact our team today. Our team are experts in the best Australian teeth whitening products and can answer any queries that you may about SmilePro Worldwide. Head on over to our Contact page and fill out the form to send your query or send an email to

Fill Your Cart With Teeth Whitening Products Today!

Pick from our line of professional teeth whitening kits, add it to your cart, and place your order today. If you live in Australia, then your kit will arrive in a swift 1-4 days.

Are you uncertain about our kits? Do you have a question for our team? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll help you as much as possible! Add the best teeth whitening products in Australia to your cart today!

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