How LED Teeth Whitening & Gel Works

How LED Teeth Whitening & Gel Works - SmilePro Worldwide

The teeth whitening process is a simple enough process to follow: apply the teeth whitening gel, attach the accelerator light and wear for the allotted time over the 7 to 12-day period. At the end of the treatment you’re left with dazzling pearly whites.

But how does it work? If you have concerns about using a whitening gel or LED on your teeth, learning the process is the best way to put your mind at ease. SmilePro Worldwide’s teeth whitening kits are completely safe to use and are an effective way of treating discoloured teeth.

Tooth Discolouration

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Teeth can have both intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Extrinsic discolouration occurs on the outer layer of the tooth’s enamel. This can be caused by certain food and drink such as wine, coffee, sodas, berries and sweets. Lifestyle factors such as smoking and oral hygiene also contribute. Extrinsic stains can be prevented with proper home oral care such as brushing and flossing, but removal may require the help of professional whitening.

Intrinsic stains occur deep below the tooth enamel within the dentin (the layer of tissue below the outer enamel layer). These stains maybe be harder to remove and take more time to do so.

Teeth Whitening Kit Gel

Remove unwanted stains on your teeth, easily and safely with SmilePro.

Teeth whitening is a method used to remove extrinsic and even intrinsic stains. All effective whitening treatments contain an active ingredient such as hydrogen peroxide or something very similar like carbamide peroxide. Along with the active ingredient, there are usually several ingredients added to improve the gel’s taste and performance.

How SmilePro Worldwide’s Teeth Whitening Gel Works:

  1. The active whitening agent penetrates the tooth’s enamel
  2. The oxygen molecules from the agent reacts with the discoloured molecules
  3. By reacting with the discoloured molecules, they agent breaks the bonds that hold them together
  4. The oxygen molecules then spread, whitening the whole tooth
  5. This leaves the teeth sparkling white and feeling fresh.

As per strict Australian rules and guidelines, teeth whitening kits for retail cannot contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. SmilePro Worldwide adheres to all Australian ACCC standards for safe teeth whitening. Using the whitening gel will not cause any damage to your gum or enamel.

LED Teeth Whitening

UV lights have been used by dentists worldwide for many years to assist with the process of teeth whitening. It is believed the UV light is able to speed up the whitening process by accelerating the chemical reactions.

However, UV lights can do more harm than good and increase the exposure of radiation to the tissues of the mouth.

SmilePro Worldwide use a blue LED accelerator light that works similarly, but doesn’t cause sensitivity or damage. The blue light uses a safe wavelength that doesn’t emit any heat or cause cell mutation.

With the SmilePro Worldwide teeth whitening kit gel and blue light, you can safely and effectively achieve a whiter smile. Purchase your SmilePro Worldwide kit here.

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